IT Graduate Trainee

  • Q : What kind of IT talents are the Company looking for?

    A : Hactl has a very large in-house IT team. Therefore, we need a wide range of IT talents, and we will also deploy you to different positions based on your strengths and/or wishes. So, whether you are a capable person writing programmes, a person who is good at dealing with others, or a person with strong data analysis skills, as long as you are an innovative person and passionate about IT, there will be a role for you.

  • Q : Through which sections / departments will I be rotated?

    A : During the trainee programme, you will rotate within and across various teams or sections.

    - Under the Application Stream, you will rotate through the Development teams by technology or role (developer, tester, analyst) or system development life cycle (development, testing, release management, documentation), subject to your skills, aptitudes and abilities.

    - Under the Infrastructure Stream, you will rotate through the Windows, Network, System and DBA teams. As well as rotating within the IT department, you will also have the opportunity to work in other departments during the training period to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Hactl business.

  • Q : What can I achieve by joining the programme?

    A : By joining this programme, you can sample working in different IT disciplines and will learn about the aviation and logistic industries and their use of IT.

  • Q : What kind of coding language, tools and products are used at Hactl?

    A : Application Stream – Java, PHP, Objective-C, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, AS3, C#, ASP.NET, Oracle Finance, Power BI, Power Automate, Sharepoint, RPA, Mobile Apps (iOS/Android), Cloud Computing

    Infrastructure Stream – Linux(Oracle, Redhat, CentOS, etc), Cloud Infra, Virtualization platform ( RedHat, Oracle VM, Microsoft Hyper-V etc), , Active Directory, Network Switches (Cisco, Juniper etc), automation tools (e.g. Ansible), Databases (Oracle/Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

  • Q : What kind of information technologies are deployed in Hactl?

    A : IoT, Machine Learning, Video Analysis, Data Analytics, RPA, Linux Virtualization, Container/Kubernetes – GSS3/CAS

Operations Trainee

  • Q : What kind of talents are the Company looking for?

    A : Operations Trainees are potential candidates for Hactl’s middle management. We are looking for talents with strong communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Great team spirit is also essential for leading a team to complete various challenges in your daily duties.

  • Q : What can I achieve by joining the programme?

    A : After 18 months of training, you will become the supervisor of the assigned section. To become an air cargo industry specialist, you will undergo a variety of accredited training on air cargo handling, soft skills and job rotation.

  • Q : Do I need to have studied the related subject or acquire experience in the aviation / logistic industry?

    A : No. You will receive comprehensive training in air cargo handling and, even though you are a newcomer to this field, you will become a specialist after the 18-month traineeship.

  • Q : Through which sections / departments will I be rotated?

    A : Based on your strengths and preferences, you will be assigned to a section/department at the initial stage of your traineeship. You will rotate through various teams within the assigned department during the 18-month traineeship. To further your overall development after the traineeship, you will have opportunities to rotate through other departments to deepen your understanding of the aviation and logistic sectors.

Engineering Trainee

  • Q : What kind of talents are the Company looking for?

    A : To be an Engineer at Hactl, part of your daily work is solving problems. You should be well-equipped with problem-solving skills, and have a creative mindset and strong analytical ability. You will also need to be able to communicate clearly with various parties about their priorities, issues and needs.

  • Q : What kind of majors are the Company looking for?

    A : We are mainly looking for applicants who major in Mechanical / Electrical engineering. If you are not major in above subject, you are also welcome to apply to join the Engineering Trainee programme, but you may not be able to join the Scheme “A” Training of the HKIE.

  • Q : Through which sections will I be rotated?

    A : There are four main sections within the Engineering Department (Mobile Equipment, Building Services, Cargo Handling System and E&M). You will rotate through all sections teams during the 2-year traineeship.
    You will also have the opportunity to work in the project team during the training period, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Engineering Department.

Technician Trainee

  • Q : What kind of qualification would be obtained during the Trainee Programme?

    A : You will become a “Registered Electrical Worker (Grade A)” following your traineeship.

  • Q : I am a part-time degree student. Does the programme offer any flexibility in work shifts?

    A : Since you will work on shifts, your roster should be flexible enough to accommodate your part-time studies. You should discuss this with your direct supervisor before committing to any external courses.